2021-2022『除夜会』於 如来寺/日光市

2021-2022『除夜会』於 如来寺/日光市 photo by Masayuki Tanaka
『如来寺の龍(A - nyoraiji -)』

title『A- nyoraiji -』by acrylic , thermo ink(2021 / umi.)1,620mm×1,303mm"Nyorai-ji" (Nikko City) whose principal image is Amida Nyorai. Here, the mortuary tablets of the shogunate, including Ieyasu Tokugawa, are enshrined. This work was drawn by "umi" As a temple ritual in the temple grounds.While the Buddhist monks summoned a dragon and performed a ceremony to put their souls in the picture,she did "Live paint" and wished for peace. At the entrance of Nyorai Temple, there is a cherry tree called "ghost cherry tree". It is said that the white snake, the messenger of Benzaiten, lives there. In the ceremony, when she called "white snake-sama" from this "ghost cherry tree" and made it a yorishiro, the next day, cherry blossoms bloomed in the temple and pleased the surroundings. The title of the work was "A", hoping that a lot of joy would begin.If you want to know more about these things, please watch youtube.『A』F100 アクリル、サーモ顔料(2021 /umi.)阿弥陀如来を本尊とし、徳川家康公から将軍家累代の位牌が祀られる如来寺(日光市)。その境内での法要法楽『龍絵奉納』として描いた作品。龍呼、魂入の儀式をライブペイントと併せて執り行い、来年の和合"花見成就"への願いを込めました。如来寺山門にある弁天様の使いである白蛇が棲むと云われる化け桜から「白蛇様」を呼んで依代としたところ、法楽翌日に桜の花が山内に咲き、周囲を喜ばせました。嬉々が始まることを願い「あ」「A」と題しました。


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